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Book: To Trust In What We Cannot See

“There are few people who can take real history and connect all of the dots that defy logic and then add the ‘What If’ this could have happened mystery. I personally have been in Austria at the very Café he is referring to and tasted their pastries. I was also aware of the historical figures that crossed paths before WWII at that very spot. This journey Mr. Mansfield takes us on is one for the ages of ‘What Ifs’.”
– Dr. Kevin H., Chiropractic Sports

“Clearly Dennis Mansfield’s love and deep reservoir of historical knowledge comes though in the clever fabric of  To Trust In What We Cannot See. The blending of some of history’s most diabolical mega-monsters and the effort to set things right reveals it’s simply not that simple.”
– Cameron V, Filmmaker/Author

“I REALLY loved it and (as an author) I’m SO sorry that I didn’t write this book, myself! If you are interested in science then this book is what you want to read. As a pastor who is interested in science, it takes me to the past and future at the same time – the way that God might see it. Spacetime and literary creativity – what a wonderful mix for a historical science fiction tale!”
– Tim R., Author/Pastor

“Mansfield has created a fascinating and provocative story about the possibilities of history. Are the events we assume to be true the only possible course history could have taken?”
– David R., Political Consultant

“This book is ABSOLUTELY SPELLBINDING, I couldn’t put it down if I wanted to…the author is brilliant and captivating.”
– Tony M., Investor/Retired Policeman

“The storyline draws you in and holds you captive between fact and fiction. One of a few books that I have read which dared my mind to become an active participant…and am now longing for BooK II.”
– Tory W., Scientist, PhD

“There is a desire to change history, unintended consequences, a moral dilemma and a little time travel to comprehend all swirling around the famed Café Central in Vienna. It all seems a little confusing at first, but as the story continues you are drawn in and excited to see if this grand adventure will succeed! What might happen if you went back in history and changed a few things? How would it change you?”
– Barbara G., Public High School Teacher, Retired

“Take a little Back to the Future…and a little Kate and Leopold…mix well with historical and political background, spice with intrigue, and there you have To Trust In What We Cannot See. Fascinating and ingenious plot. Keeps you reading and, at the end, waiting for the follow-up.”
– Peter G., Retired CFO

“I found this to be a very entertaining read. Via his astute imagery, Mr. Mansfield successfully defines a new genre in this book, putting the reader firmly within the context of dimensional travel. The character development also contributes to the context by linking the characters to historical facts, (some known, some unknown). I highly recommend this book!”
– Timothy S., Corporate Executive

To Trust In What We Cannot See is an interesting story full of twists and turns that couldn’t be anticipated. The plot thickens with each chapter. The mix of obscure scientific theories with what is well know in science and history blends together to make a plausible storyline that flows naturally. The future portrayed was a scenario I would never have imagined. If only we could rewrite the future!”
– Keith S., Executive in a Land Surveying Organization

“Dennis Mansfield is a creative genius who is able to take history’s actual events and weave them into an interesting and extraordinary journey into the world of “what might have been”. To Trust In What We Cannot See is a fascinating read that entertains the observer while inspiring imagination.”
– Caleb R., CEO of National Building Company

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was a fascinating adventure of science and history that I couldn’t put down. I look forward to your next masterpiece.”
– Troy B., Corporate Executive

“This was a VERY enjoyable book to read. Good and thought-provoking with spiritual truth woven in. I look forward to reading the follow up book!”
– Jim W., Electrical Contracting Company Owner

“An intriguing read full of history and wonder about what could have been. History never seemed so present.”
– Meg R., Art Teacher

“A well-written read that weaves history together, future and the past, to challenge our assumptions of what reality is and what it could have been or could be…for you to decide!”
– Brandy S., Corporate Human Relations

To Trust In What We Cannot See is a compelling read. No other book I have read combines suspense, intrigue, humor and thought provoking scenes. No other writer today can pull off weaving in so many historical figures into one book while making the story line believable and entertaining. The book is a must read and I can’t wait for the continuation in Book II.”
– Gary L., CEO

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