Client Testimonials

Dennis Mansfield is a high energy, highly skilled leadership coach who helps me not only hone my skills in business, but in life. His worldly experience allows me to drive towards my goals using an excellent set of managerial tools and life skills resources. The results I’ve experienced include a clearer sense of purpose in my life and a focus on how I can make a significant impact as a global business leader.“— Joe B., Director

“Working with Coach Dennis has been a great experience for me. The growth in my leadership skills has made me more effective in dealing with my peers, as well as my direct reports. He has also armed me with some effective tools and pushes me to become better every time we meet. Beyond the workplace I have also gained better understanding of how to be a better husband and father. I am still a work in progress but my time with Dennis has helped me become better on many fronts in my life.” — Ben W, Accounting Manager

“Dennis has guided me in a positive direction and has instilled confidence that I never knew I had. My work life and family life have blossomed with his help.”
– Justin G., Production Manager

“Spending time with Dennis and talking about my career and personal life has been an experience I wish would have happened earlier in my life. He has made me realize that they are both of importance but different in priorities, as I view them now. I’m able to spend quality time with my family but still get my job done without feeling like I neglected either one. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone, his time and compassion for his clients is unbelievable.”
– Jim P., Crop Advisor

“When I first met Dennis Mansfield, I looked past him to find someone else more important or urgent to spend time with. How little I knew what I was passing up. Dennis moves seamlessly between my professional life and my personal life, looking for the root issues and helping me be the leader I dream of being. He’s not only an amazing consultant, he is a friend. He’s an invaluable confidant, coach, cheerleader, strategist, and sounding board.”
– Brian Y., General Manager/Radio Station

“Dennis’s approach is pragmatic, fact-based, and business-focused. He utilized an assessment to confirm my strengths/positive attributes to guide me as a leader to consider insight into behaviors, attitudes or ways of thinking that differ from mine. His approach has helped me recognize my development opportunities and realize the benefits of acquiring new skills as well as managing, modifying or eliminating self-limiting behaviors. I feel that working with Dennis has further enabled me to perform optimally and more effectively.”
– Tim S., Senior HR Manager

“Dennis Mansfield’s coaching style does not change who you are at the core but rather harnesses your strengths and competencies to handle any situation in life or at work. For me, it has had a positive impact and astonishing results both at a personal and professional level!”
– Troy W., Agriculture Scientist

“The coaching from Dennis has been very inspirational. Dennis makes me look at the areas where I need to improve and provides a path to make me a more rounded manager — areas that are usually related to an issue I’m having in my personal life. In addition to helping me professionally, he is also improving me personally.”
– Chad M., Market Manager

“When Dennis started coaching me, I expected help with the functions of my job. What I got was a craftsman who saw right through the façade to my soul, acknowledged my fears then called me out to be the best version of myself, all the while providing tools and wisdom that have not only rocketed my career forward, but helped me be a better husband and father. If you don’t want that, don’t hire Dennis.”
– Don G., Radio Program Director/On-air Talent

“Receiving coaching from Dennis has helped me become aware of susceptibilities I have and actions I can take to overcome them.”
– Tyler S., VP Finance

“Dennis helped me to realize that communication is such a big part of a working relationship. To understand what someone else is feeling and what their fears might be to move forward is priceless. He gave me the courage to just go for it and follow through with some ideas I had, along with some new ones from him. I look forward to watching my business grow.”
– Danny B., Artist/

“Dennis’ methodology as an executive coach has excelled and enhanced my skill set. He has a leading demeanor that makes his clients want to succeed. With a few tools of his program, Dennis takes current skills, and motivates in the direction of success. The most significant thing I have learned from his program, Dennis genuinely wants you to succeed. For me that is priceless.”
– Shawn F., National Sales Director

“I met Dennis as a resource to an entire team that was learning to grow and work together. Through that process, I found Dennis to be straight forward, yet inspiring and supportive — able to provide direct and actionable feedback with an element of softness that only a true coach can offer. Dennis has provided me a sounding board and point of guidance when the times have been hard and when tough decisions are needed through my own career and personal transitions.”
– Brandy S., Director of HR

“Dennis is a high energy, highly skilled leadership coach who helps me not only hone my skills in business, but in life. His worldly experience allows me to drive towards my goals using an excellent set of managerial tools and life skills resources. The results I’ve experienced include a clearer sense of purpose in my life and a focus on how I can make a significant impact as a global business leader.”
– Joe B., Director

“I have known Dennis for several years now and he is my most trusted advisor both professionally and personally. He has an uncanny way of getting to the root causes and issues surrounding any circumstance we discuss, he is not afraid to go to the “hard” places and make me confront the difficult decisions. He has guided me during significant life changes that affected my home life and career. He has helped me grow professionally, which has allowed me to help my company and employees grow. It has been, and will continue to be, an honor to work with such a knowledgeable, compassionate man.”
– Jim P., Terminal Manager

“The sessions that I have had with Dennis has helped me to put into focus the strengths and weaknesses that make up who I am. Dennis has given me suggestions on how to use my strengths and weakness to better interact with those I work with and my family. In the end, I have a better understanding of who I am and how I interact within my circle of co-workers, friends, and family.”
– Bob D., QA Manager

“Dennis has a unique ability to quickly assess personalities and provide accurate insight dealing with difficult situations. My experiences with Dennis have been very positive and rewarding.”
– Troy B., VP Supply Chain

“Dennis has a very straightforward, open-minded coaching philosophy. He has helped me realize the differences in the personalities and behaviors of my employees, as well as my superiors. This has helped me be more effective in my communication and overall relationships with them.”
– Dennis B., Market Manager

“I met Dennis in Boise Idaho while attending a leadership development seminar for new leaders. From that time on it has been as though we have known each other our entire lives. We have a coaching session once per month and discuss various topics, from work challenges and accomplishments to our personal lives. He has made a big difference in my day-to-day life at work and home. The thing that is important to me is that people around me have noticed this, and have told me they like the changes I have made. I do not feel I have made that many changes, but I do feel that Dennis has brought things out from within me that have helped me to convey my true thoughts to people at work and home. In my opinion, Dennis is my oldest friend and I have and have only known him for such a short time.”
– John B., Maintenance Supervisor

“Since I began working with Dennis, I find myself looking at situations with a fresh set of eyes. I look at the situation from the perspective of the other person, as well as all possible angles, to ensure I am not just making a decision based on my own bias. I have found a renewed enthusiasm that has transferred into the workplace, and with my family at home. When faced with a particularly troubling situation, I look forward to talking to Dennis, because I know he will help me think through the situation fully without inferring his own bias and taking it out of my hands. Dennis has helped me grow into a better manager, friend, spouse and father.”
– Kent B., Market Manager

“Dennis Mansfield has been a savant of insight into what personalities are supportive with mine, and which ones are antagonistic, when it comes to hiring the right people. His common sense approach to business solutions cuts to the practical part of guiding my thought process into making correct decisions for my company. He leads me through each step, so it is my idea that discovers what I was blind to before. The best part is that it works for my business.”
– Kevin H., Doctor

“My family and I are grateful for Dennis’ coaching and the positive results it has brought my business. Dennis has an uncanny ability to see truth and speak truth — in ways that are easy to understand, easy to follow. He has helped drive necessary change in me and in my business in three key ways: 1) helping me identify and focus on using my unique strengths and design, 2) pushing me to make change happen…NOW, and 3) always providing a positive and supportive sounding board, even as he may guide me to make changes that force me out of my comfort zone.”
– Carter W., Small Business Owner

“Managing and motivating our employees we work with every day is the key to our success! All of us have room to improve, Dennis gives me the honest feedback I need to help me at work, and at home, to be a better leader, manager, and husband!”
– Dave D., Manager

“I have enjoyed and benefitted from Dennis’ coaching for several years now, in both my personal and professional life. His insight into what drives human behavior in various personality and temperament types has helped me better understand myself, and my relationships at both work and home. His intuitive questioning and processing has helped me become a better (and more effective) leader, husband, and father.”
– Trevor E., Lead Pastor

“Upon completion of a leadership program, I was offered 6 professional coaching sessions with several different professional development coaches. Based on feedback from a work colleague and the background information given to me, I chose Dennis. It has helped me tremendously in both my work life and my personal life. Working with Dennis I am able to discuss situations or challenges with him and discuss the options and the pros and cons to my approach. He offers many ideas and thoughts that help assure me that I am making good, sound decisions based on fact and not emotion. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has proven very valuable to me. I have long passed the initial six coaching sessions and continue to work with Dennis!”
– Rich A., Maintenance Manager

“Dennis is a wonderful coach! He provides an open forum to discuss life…career, family, and deep-rooted beliefs that make me who I am. He is a “coach’s coach” and I have learned approaches that have helped me be an effective coach to those I interact with on a daily and weekly basis. I have truly grown over the past 18 months and have been challenged through experiences that I may not otherwise have had without the guidance and confidence that Dennis has provided through our mentorship, and more importantly friendship.”
– Justin S., HR Consultant

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